My Neighbor Came All Over Her Face


Here goes my hoe story…

It all happened when I was 18, I had a really sexy neighbor that was always chasing guys away anytime they tried having sex with her instead of wanting a relationship and not just sex. She was older than me, 21, schooling and lived alone; I stayed at the house across the road. So there was a time when there wasn’t light so I had to turn on the generator in my Dad’s house; about 2 minutes later she came to the gate saying I should please plug her phone because she has to wake up early tomorrow for class. I decided to help her out but when I was about closing the gate I said,

“Your boobs look bigger than usual”😅

It just slipped out from my mouth but I didn’t care because I am handsome and cute and a girl can’t just slap me because of it. After I said that, she just hummed and smirked then left. Later on by 7pm I wanted to turn off the gen and refuel it when I noticed that her phone was already full and I had to take it to her house. I entered the gate and wanted to knock but I decided to just go and be naughty😅😅🤣; I went to her room and peeped in from the window to check if she was naked or not but she must have been in the bathroom because I heard the shower on. I went back to her door and knocked for some minutes till she came but she was still wrapped in her towel; I gave her the phone, told her it was fully charged. I asked her if I could come in and she didn’t even question it, she just said okay, and I was like wtf….I entered and noticed, when she was walking back to the room to keep her phone and change, that her ass was soo big and shaking like a fish that was brought out of water. Then the devil decided to let her towel fall off, I didn’t even close my eyes because this was my first time seeing a naked girl in front of me.


Then she turned to me and said,

“You sef, you are supposed to close your eyes.”

But I just thought that she wanted me to see it and seeing her butt naked made me hard. I just thought to myself “pull your trousers down”…..I did just that without an ounce of fear and she rushed me and started sucking my dick. I asked her what she was doing and she said,

“Isn’t this what you wanted?”

She said she had been waiting for a cute boy like me to man up since 😁😁🤣.

She sucked my dick for about 5 minutes and she told me to fuck her mouth; I was like…which style is this one…and she demonstrated by holding my waist and pulling me back and forth while my dick was in her mouth and was making gagging sounds like she wanted to choke on my dick😏.

She then stood up and said I should kiss her but I didn’t do that shit; after sucking my dick I should now kiss my dick through her mouth🤢. I just started sucking her soft, round boobs instead, flicking and teasing one of her nipples which made her start moaning. I was soo happy that I was finally doing what I have always wanted.

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I fucked her doggy style  for 10 minutes and said I was about to cum. She said to wait, put my dick in her mouth and did some crazy shit with it while I poured cum on her face. She said I would fuck her ass and she started rubbing her big ass round my dick which made me hard again and she was happy; but I said I had to go that we would do this later. She didn’t want me leave and she sucked my dick again for 5 minutes; I was still hard but I just had to leave abeg.

I sucked her boobs for a while before she said she wanted her pussy licked but I was like…I haven’t done that before…Still I went down on her and was eating her out for 3 minutes.  I didn’t know what I was doing  and she said I should fuck her without a condom; I wasn’t with one anyway.  She lay on her belly on the sofa and I was ramming her; she was asked where I learned and I said porn videos.

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