Nailing My Neighbor’s Sister Repeatedly


There is this girl that just visited her sister who’s my neighbor, we have been eyeing  each other but we’ve never actually spoken to one another for more than a week of her visit until the day she packed my clothes in for me because it was about to rain.

I was sleeping when she knocked on my door and my dick was hard after waking up. When I opened the door her eyes popped out, directly pointing towards my John Thomas, I could see the surprise on her face and I was kinda shy. The next day, to my surprise, she greeted me and from there we start getting closer to each other.

On a cloudy Monday, while everybody was out of the house with only the two of us left, this girl came to my room while I was watching a series, Power. When we got to a sex scene, I could see the look on her face, she was horny af and my Dick was rock hard.


I just felt some strange things crawling in my boxers, she was rubbing my Dick, I was on cloud 9. She brought out the big yummy Dick and started sucking, it was the first time I had a BJ, it was the best feeling ever. After sucking the life outta me she told me to eat her pussy, mehn this girl was clean and all shaved up, I sucked and fingered her until she came!

I pushed my Dick in her pussy and she shouted,

“Oh Lord! Fuck me! I want you to fuck me like I’m your prisoner”

I was fucking her non stop, she was so wet that my Dick was sliding smoothly in and out. She sucked me again and I felt like my life was being taken away from me. We went doggy, this girl got such skills, I was fucking her uncontrollably. She turned and hugged me while I was sliding in and out until I pulled out and released my bazooka in her mouth. This kinky girl swallowed my cum!

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Since that day, we fuck in the toilet, in my room and sometimes in her sister’s room when she is out!

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