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This happened in September.

I went to visit a guy I like; Emmanuel. He has a friend named Tonna who was with him that day. They were both playing chess, having fun. I was a little bored so I went through his phone— and saw that hot Jon and Daenerys sex scene from Season 7 of GOT.

It got me horny, as I was with someone I had eyes on; but because of shyness, I couldn’t bring myself to make the first move. Thankfully Tonna left the room; said he had to go and buy recharge card to subscribe.

Emma and I were alone. Not too long after Tonna left, we started kissing. I was wet— and he’s so sexy (dark, tall and handsome). But he withdrew and said he didn’t want to take advantage because he really liked me.

Tonna returned and they continued the chess game. But Emmanuel too had to leave because his mom called him to come pick her from the airport. He promised to be back in an hour, and told Tonna to keep me company.


After he left, Tonna and I started talking about a lot. Then I asked why he didn’t have a girlfriend. He said he was single because he wanted a girl who was into another guy (Deep down I knew it was me).

We changed the topic. I was wearing a mini skirt and v-neck top (Took off the jacket I wore earlier); and I also noticed he had his eyes all over me.

It happened quickly. I was far too horny during the conversation, so I placed his hands on my thighs. He took the cue; rubbing them slowly, and moved to my inward thighs. He trailed his fingers up and down my slit. Then he stopped and we had a long kiss. He continued to kiss, first my lips, then my neck down to my breasts. He took my nipples in his mouth while he used his fingers on my pussy. By then I wanted to blow him but he said he needed to fuck me first.

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He filled me when he entered; he was so big. We fucked so hard and I felt both pleasure and pain at once. He pulled out after a while and came on my breasts.

Thirty minutes later Emmanuel returned alone, because he dropped his mom at her sister place. We went to his room (Tonna had departed by this time). He apologized for rejecting me earlier, blah blah.

Then we fucked like bunnies in three rounds.

The end!😩

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