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Hello! Here is my hoe story:

I have this friend, who I like very much, we have been texting and getting to know each other, no strings attached of course. A certain day, we were texting and he mentioned that he loved my lips. I made it very clear to him that my lips can make him feel things he has never felt before. He got really enthused and said that he could not wait. He invited me to his office the following day, I went with no motive in mind. I got to his office and he welcomed me. We talked, we had lunch together, it really was a great time. As I was about to leave, he grabbed me, he hugged me and that was when I felt the fullness of his dick. I kissed him and he responded in such a way I would have never imagined. I tried to pull back but he told me he wanted to feel the things he had never never felt before.

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He kissed me all the way to the door, locked it, and then I went on my knees and started working on his dick in my mouth. He was moaning my name and out loud too, and I loved every moment of it. I stopped to take a breath, but he lifted me, put me on a table and used his tongue on my pussy till I came. As I was trying to catch my breath again, he thrust into me really hard and started working on my breast too. I couldn’t help but scream. He turned me around and started thrusting in and out, from behind. His dick was huge and I loved it. He fucked me so well till he came on my back. Honestly, till date, that sex is still fresh like vegetables in my mind.

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