Plot Twist


There was this babe I was crushing on right from secondary school. She was cute and very hot but we didn’t talk much though and I didn’t make any move on her till SS1, things were getting good but she moved out of the country. Years later, I got a job working in Abuja and I was booking a flight at a hotel when this fine ass lady walked up to me and said “hey”. I turned but didn’t reply thinking she had the wrong person just for her to call my name. I was surprised, so when I turned I couldn’t recognize her at first, the transformation was wicked! She had this fine ass and perky tits, so we got talking and she told me that she lives in Kenya now and she was lodged in the same hotel I was in. We exchanged numbers but I felt it wasn’t going to be of any use since she was traveling back out that weekend and it was Thursday. We parted ways. On Friday evening, she called me up and asked us to hang out. I immediately canceled all my plans I had that night, and went to her hotel room. We ordered drinks, played a bit of ‘truth and dare’, got high as fuck. We started talking about school days and how we used to fool around, back in the day. To cut the long story short, we started kissing, our make out session was intense.

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I took off her clothes and just kept staring at her body, she was so fucking hot. I felt her pussy and she was so fucking wet, we started fucking and it was crazy mainly because she was shouting so much the receptionist had to come and knock and ask if we were okay. It was kind of embarrassing though. We both slept off, I woke up the next day, about to leave and then a call came in. The caller I.D was “hubby.” I was shocked and then she apologized, and told me that she’s now married. I was disappointed but man, shit happens.

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