Pussies for my scent


Well, my story goes thus:
There was this Calabar girl I met in Ghana back then in school. I’ll make it brief as this story would be best read with a 3D imagination.
I met her at a cafe and the aura which her look gave out was, “come here and get this booty”. Trust me, I always view every lady I want to, naked, even while in clothes, before I finally become the whistle blower to confirm what my 3D showed me. Back to the cafe.
After all the exchanges, we settled for a drink at mine and a game you could call Card tell or strip. I guess our late night convo and the idea of the card got her thinking and she also told her roomie, this Ghanaian girl. Since it was her first time at mine, she decided to come with her friend to my crib.
Away from the bs and welcoming ceremony, we swung in to my room to see my Cologne. That was what she said since she confessed to loving my scent, I knew it was the 🍆 she really wanted, I saw it in her eyes. Two minutes to smelling all over me, her friend walked in as if she had been at the door all that time, listening to us laugh and asked if it was game time. I was surprised as to how she got to know about the game.The Ghanaian girl pleaded to join us, just for the game and her friend said, “No problem”. But first she, the Ghanaian girl, also claimed to love the scent and started sniffing too. The Calabar girl’s nipples were all hard.
I brought the card. After which we started playing. And since it was my game, in all fairness, I was left with just my top but the ladies were completely stripped bare. Their eyes looked like they both wanted to jump on me. And although this was meant to be just a hoe show, I guess i had two at the moment.
In two or three steps, I immediately rushed for a bowl of ice and that was when the whole madness started. I sucked the Calabar girl’s titties with the ice on her nipples while her friend was grabbing all over my cock🍆
Next thing I knew, the Calabar girl said, “Suck that dick”, and I knew the fire 🔥 was on. Long story short, I grabbed her clit all over my mouth while she moaned, screamed and couldn’t help but suck on her friend too. In an instant, both girls assumed the doggy position and there I was, working the two with my leash🍆 so hard they dripped and cummed all over my dick with that thirsty look on their faces.
The next time I saw that Calabar girl was in NYSC camp while I was serving and trust me hmmm…A story for another day.

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