OK there is this my neighbour, I like him but as a friend, he wears just his boxers (the tight one) at times, when I see this I am always wet most times…. so he told me two days ago that he was leaving Nigeria back, cos he is based in SA actually, then I said to myself that I must fuck this boy b4 he leaves.

So last night, he said I should follow him out, he was going with his Friends, but I was too tired so I declined, but I told him we would see when he gets back. All through I was waiting for him, and anticipating the dick, but he came back so late, and I was sleeping already, and it rained yesterday so this morning I woke up i was fucking horny, then i saw his missed calls, and he was to leave 8am this morning, I called him sha, he came over to my own flat.

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Before he could say anything, I just started kissing him and he also kissed… then the foreplay began was mad, then he carried me, we banged on the wall, from there to the bedroom and we did several styles.. we both came, he dressed up… and went to his flat, I washed up and left for the office… (he was so mad and good that he shifted my womb ooo)

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