Rebound Sex with an OAP


Well it all happened last year when my relationship of three years hit the rock, I was mentally drained, emotionally bankrupt and psychologically unbalanced. I missed my ex so much that I can’t stop thinking about our time together…… Sha sha sha oooo fast forward to when I had this rebound one night stand sex with this OAP guy, I used to love his voice on air whenever I listened to his program, we got talking along the line, he told me that he likes me IDGAF about that, I just crave for his body clinging mine cus he is cute too.

We met at my place cus I stay alone in a comfortable apartment, we talked at length and he asked me if I’d want/like him to fix me as per say, I want to get over my ex now. I didn’t hesitate to say yes cus I desperately want to get over him. One thing lead to another and we became weird and wild with each other, well he had two hot rounds of sex before his boss interrupted with a call requested that he should show up at the studio in an hour. I felt refreshed, alive and reset after that day. Was happy though …..


A week later this guy started calling and saying some ancient words to me but obviously am done with him, mama just blocked his line from calling even though he is still on my neck till now.

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