Riding him made me bosslady


So, I met this guy (Dayo) while I was in search for admission into the university. He was a very handsome guy and I had a crush on him. After lessons, he had all the ladies surrounding him, which made me wonder what they were upto a couple of times. Fortunately for me, this fair handsome guy was living a couple of blocks from where I live. So, we met one day on the street, after which he invited me to his house. We were practicing what we were taught during the previous lessons. However, I picked up his phone and he said he was watching porn the last time he used it. I continued from where he stopped and then I started feeling horny. He noticed it somehow, then put his hands on my boobs and I was like, jackpot! I grabbed his rod, then started to unhook his belt. Brought it out and then I took a quick ride because it was almost the time my aunt would get home.

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After the short ride he requested for a blowjob; this, I gave to him. After that day, I started to feel like the super lady at the lesson cause I rode on the rod of the most handsome guy around.

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