Running Things


A certain day, my girlfriend and I had a fight. It was my fault, so I was looking for a way to get her back so I considered using one of her friends to get her back. I started talking to the friend, we got really close and some people actually thought that we were dating. Some of my friends started asking me if I’ve fucked her, and I said no. I said she’s just my friend but we used to meet up every night . We’d talk and I’d tell her what to tell her friend in order to help me. I didn’t know that she also liked me and wasn’t helping me at all.  One night, we were walking and we stopped on a dark side of the road. She then hugged me, telling me and thanked me for being a good friend. We stayed like that for five minutes and then she released her grip on me.  The problem was I realized that I wanted her also, so I started trying to kiss her. She turned her head a number of times, but she finally gave in.  We started kissing and touching and it was intense. We left the place, only for her to go and tell my ex that I was trying to get her back. I apologized to my ex and we got back together. However, her friend and I were still running things behind her back.

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