Runs Girl Charged me N300 for HookUp. 


Sorry guys,am not a fan of english language I think am better of throwing pidgin. I dey very young ,I never fv¢k before for my life …energy dey…I wan sabi how pv$$y be….you dey feel me shay?so that very day na so I make up my mind say I go do something about it,I just decide say I dey go one sharp corner (ILE ASEWO )I wan go fv¢k prostitute. It was crazy but have made up my mind that in the evening I dey feel how pv$$y be cus all my guys go dey share experience …me I go just dey luk like idiot and that level dey pain me gan. Na so I just enter the hotel go meet one customer sha …we agree on price (N300) very funny.

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When we enter room,I commot cloth and she rub my d!¢k make the thing strong. You guys dey feel ba? After sha, we set for the dance floor…..the woman lie down make we fv¢k…. She open laps make I enter….omo ! I no sabi where pv$$y dey oo. Na so I just dey fv¢k laps. The woman con dey para say if I no arrange my self put my thing she go stand up and thats all. Omo! I try my best make I slot my pr33k in but all went in vain. The woman just standa and my (N300) goes. I just BOSS and went was a painful experience. 1luv.






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