This was back in high school. I was part  of the cool kids on campus because I was a singer and really popular. At that time, I was already dating one  babe called Priscilla who wasn’t all that.

She wasn’t strict on me so it gave me more chance to do whatever I like.

One morning I went to the dining and met one babe JANEL 😘 who I was crushing on some years back in SS2. We were alone on the table so we got talking 😏 , apparently she was crushing on me since too 😋. About some hours passed, she got so emotional and we decided to kiss.

The kissing got so intense that we had to jump to the next step. My fingers were working magic in her panties while she unzipped my jeans and gave me one hell of a BJ💦 . Although feelings were on hyper mode I was scared someone might walk in on us. She wanted me to give her my Dick right on the dinning table but refused, she agreed to relocate for the fuck session.

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Later that night she met me in a tight dark corner.  It was a place all students have sex. Her ass was massive and her boobs was so pointy and soft. I sucked on her nipples till she screamed for me to fuck her.

I bent her over and fucked the hell out of her till she came, it was the best sex ever.

This went on for some time, my babe never knew I was fucking her course mate “JANEL”. I was so addicted to the sex that we fucked countless times without my babe knowing anything about it.

One evening I met with Janel to decide on how to take our sex relationship to the next level. So we decided to meet at our usual spot, on the way we were kissing n laughing.  That place was so dark that if someone is doing somthin there, you wouldn’t see it when passing . Lo and behold my babe Priscilla and my best friend were coming from the same place we were headed😳.

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We met face to face…my babe with my best friend and I with Janel…apparently she was fucking my best friend and I was also fucking her course mate!

To be continued….

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