Ok lemme drop this here real quick. Fast forward to the time I was meeting this guy. He was bipolar but the sweetest guy ever and know how to make pain feel like pleasure.. we started off as friends tho but went to c him one day and saw the size of his D 🍆 and I said guy lemme know what it’s like to fuck my best friend… meanwhile bros has given me enough stories of how he likes sex and as the adventurous person I was I decide to give it try… enough sex story with me and mr crazy but lemme drop lil. Went to see Him at his place one day and he took me to his room, where he already had a bottle of strawberry jam waiting he kissed my whole body and poured bottle of jam from my waist down.. started Licking it off me and got to my clit and treated it with caution he ate my pussy like his life depended on it and My feet were shaking already cause I had cum about three times but in my head I was like bros go straight to the point nah hit me with this opa mose ( Moses rod) like he read my mind he kissed me so I could taste my own cum and bent me over immediately.

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Oh God I love doggie how do I describe this now… he held my hands to the back with one hand and with the other hand held me throat.. bros was choking me while fucking me God I had to concentrate on so many things and the feelings were overwhelming I had to balance well so I don’t fall which was not a problem.. the main problem was breathing and cumin at same time fuck it felt like heaven he was banging the ass like he owned it… was cumin over and over like tap, bros did not cum oooo for an hour and I was tired.. had to beg him to cum eventually… how about this time we had sex in his car and that was the first time I squirted…. 😱😱😱story for another day

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