Sex Marathon!


My hoe story goes thus…

There was this day, a while back tho, me and my guy went to his friend’s house, a girl and she had another female friend over. They called us to come keep them company as they were bored. It was a Saturday night and they didn’t want to go out, so we got there around 8pm with pizza and vodka as requested by them. Now this was my very first time meeting the girls and we decided to play the drinking game “Never Have I Ever”.

Fast forward a bit, we all got tipsy off the vodka. Suddenly one of the girls (the one whose house we were in) started getting close to me and getting all touchy. I thought it was the alcohol at first so I ignored, but she continued and then it hit me that she wants the D.

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So I got closer and we started kissing on the couch downstairs; this girl had a lovely ass and nice boobs. Next thing she took me upstairs to her room; we continued kissing, I sucked on her boobs while grabbing her ass, it felt really good. Then she gave me head, the best I’ve ever had (even till date), and I gladly returned the favor. As I was having fun with her pussy, she was moaning loudly and saying all sorts of jibberish; all of a sudden she said I should slide in with my dick. Her pussy was dripping wet.

We fucked doggy style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl; after 4 rounds we finally slept. The next morning, we had a quickie again before I left with my guy. The next day, around 5pm in the evening, she called me and said I should come over. I was at her house real quick, this time we were home alone. After watching a movie, we started fucking, took a meal break, fucked again and again till around 2am. I left her house the next day.


I haven’t had so much sex like that. It was definitely a weekend I would never forget,

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