There is this babe I have always stared at each time we had lectures. So whenever the lecture ended, I’d try to walk up to her but unfortunately, there was this one guy that was always with her and they usually went home together. Sadly, I didn’t follow the same route home so it was hard for me to talk to her. A certain day, I came late to class so the few seats that were available were close to her. I took my seat right next to her, but due to the fact that we hadn’t really talked in class before, it was quite difficult to talk to her. I thought of so many ways I could strike up a conversation with her, but they were all futile. Towards the end of the session, the lecturer asked someone to take a picture of something and send to the class group, my crush stood up and took the picture. I saw this as an amazing opportunity. Immediately she stood up, I opened up my notepad and wrote down a few things, and then added my number for her to call me. Since I was not in the class group, I asked her to airdrop me the picture she took, she did and I immediately sent her a screenshot of what I wrote in my notepad. She accepted the transfer and smiled after the saw the note. Three weeks later, after exams, I received a call from my crush. We had an a very interesting conversation and she invited herself over to my place, I was glad. She asked if she could take a shower and I agreed, when she came out, I gave her one of my shirts to wear. We started gisting and drinking, I slightly grabbed her neck and kissed her so intensely. The way she kissed me back was so amazing. While we were kissing, she pulled down my shorts and started with a handjob and then proceeded to give me a blowjob.


After that, she wanted me to fuck her, I put on a condom, took her to my chair and spread out her nice long legs. I kept hitting her on a consistent, quick and fast thrust. She was really loving it and that turned me on even more. I kept fucking her while staring at her eyes. After that, she pulled me to the chair and started riding my dick. I started sucking on her nipples while she pressed me hard towards her breasts, with her hands on my head. This babe was grinding on my dick amazingly well, while she was doing that, I carried her, pushed her against the wall and I started fucking her hard again. After that, I took her to bed and supported her ass with a pillow as I continued hitting the pussy but this time is was a slow one but was doing deep and slow strokes. I positioned her for the doggy style, I held her shoulders and inserted my dick into her already dripping juicy pussy. I kept doing that till we both came. We had another round of drinks and then slept off.  We had sex in the morning again and I am so glad I got to fuck my crush.

ALSO READ THIS:  While he was hitting that pussy from behind, he was rubbing my clit


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