I recently joined Twitter cos my holiday was just too boring. Then, 1 guy out of nowhere welcomes me. As the nice girl that I am, I responded nicely. We got to talking sharp sharp things. In less than 7 days we arranged on a meet up. This one pass meet up. That’s how I carried myself across state lines to see man for sexcapades. My destiny had been lacking badly in that aspect. Little did I know what I had been missing until he started with me. Welcome hug in the room enter kiss which enter sex. My mind wasn’t even settled. Besides, his friends were in the house. His hands were all over my body. Yes Please!!! Over the next few days I had sex more than I ever had in such a short period. Orgasms were just flowing in or would I say out πŸ˜‰. His head game was πŸ’― he was also very good at teasing. I was quite conscious cumming in the guy’s mouth over and over I just couldn’t hold back. The sex πŸ˜„ boy ooh boy. I was creaming the poor guy’s dick continuously. Moaning and screaming. He was so nice and sweet cuddling till we feel asleep morning, afternoon and night. Sex in all rooms in every position imaginable; bathing together. I loved kissing his cheeks, neck and back. It turned him on and he moaned. I love it when I make him moan for me 😍 He’s travelling to see me soon. Stay tuned for more updates✌ Did I mention that we had a threesome with 1 of his friends πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ and that wasn’t even the highlight of our time together. So much more but I’ll keep them to myself πŸ˜‹βœŒAnon ✌

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