She asked for airtime and I gave her my dick


Okay, there’s this girl. She’s my neighbor. The oteku make brains sha👩🏼‍💼 She a diva. Her body is A+. We used to chat on WhatsApp before and then we stopped. On this particular day, she buzzed me on WhatsApp saying I should please send her Glo airtime of 500 with which she’d subscribe. So, mans just do sharp sharp buy Glo 1k for her from my bank. After like 10 minutes, she called me saying thanks and that in 5 minutes she’d call me so I’d come to her house when her aunty went out. Ahhhh! man knew he’s gonna be getting laid that day be that. Na so I pop my Viagra oo.

She just call me say make I come through the back door. Man did not even waste any second. I went in and this girl was watching True Blood. One series like that and there were sex scenes all over it. We just start dey watch. She come dey feel horny oo, my john T just pop head ghannn. We just start to make out. Damn! this girl’s lips were so soft and she wasn’t putting on bra. Na so I just move my hand go her massive Bobby. Ohh Lorddd! I smooched the hell out of it, caught the nipples and began to suck like a baby. Girl just dey moan small small. She just pulled my trouser down, begin give me one mad ass throat. Damnnn!! na so I just start dey feel funny oo. My eyes begin close. Girl just say make I release for her mouth. Shiiitttt! I just spoilt her face with my thick Akamu.


After a few mins wey I rest small, my D woke up again. Ahh! na so she turn say make I take am from behind. I begin fire her, she dey moan like say tomorrow no dey. Na so we do oo, that round end. Girl just enter kitchen, bring indomie come make we chaw. After we chaw finish naso we continue again. Girl sweet die.
She dey travel tomorrow for her D.E screening. She say if she come back on Wednesday she go Buzz me again thats my HOE story. Gracias 😀

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