So back when I was in 200level there was this chick all over me then,she was in 400level…all over me nd trailed my movement all around sch, she do come to my hostel too to pay me surprise visits ,I kept avoiding her for a month or one day ,she came to the room as usual and my roomies then were in 300 and 400 level respectively,the girl said right in front of them that I wasn’t man enough hence I was avoiding her …she kept on grabbing my dick in their presence nd I kept on waving her off..she left .
.nd my roomies roasted me out nd laughed ..I though abt it …this chick just insulted my dick nd i must seek retribution😈😈 buzzed her cos she stays off camp …told her I was coming over ..with a giggle she said ok that can come nd mind u she stays alone …I took a quick bath grabbed cd nd zoomed off to the lodge …got there it started raining heavily she went out to get her clothes nd was drenched by the rain …i think she did it on purpose though …this girl is damn thick …bursty,ass nd all …I could see her nipples through her drenched cloth sticking out hard
Hips hurt the following day doh 😐😐

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Then I slowly fingered the creamy pussy while I massaged her clit with my other hand …nd looked up at her she was already biting her lips nd all nd said I should pls fuck her…then I slided in my dick nd drilled that pussy ..she kept on cumming over nd over again …had like 3-4rounds on intervals that night
She looked at me smiled went inside the bathroom ..took a bath stepped out with just towel on …I was already hard…grabbed her gently nd pulled her to myself ..then kissed her slowly while I removed the towel,then slowly caressed her nipples nd squeeze her boobs slowly…then laid her down nd wrapped my tongue around her nipples nd suckle it like a baby while she gave off soft moans nd said “I knew behind all the gentle man innocent look of urs,u got a crazy naughty fella inside”…rubbed her clit slowly while I kept on tickling her nipples with the tip of my tongue ,madam was already creamy wet nd soaked up

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But bottom line,i cleared her doubts she kept asking for more though after that day

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