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She is like a help to the people


This happened in our former house. A girl I actually don’t see anymore, quite old, older than I am, she’s like a help to the people we know as family friends. So a time, she professed that she had a huge crush on me, jokingly though, cos we were really fund of each other, but I felt nothing more than friendship.

To the interesting part: a time came when she called me from her room and told me to come see something, so I came in and behold, there she was, totally naked. She was a grown girl, developed fast, cost I could still picture her firm boobs and all that, probably 21, 22, and the odds, I was only 18. That was my first time to see something like that. Mostly it was all on screen, you know, porn and in movies, but that time I saw a live naked lady, I had a boner, I won’t lie.

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So to cut the story short, she made me do some nasty things to her, like nibble and fundling of her boobs, playing with her asshole, canoodling, cos I was clueless on what to do next, so she taught me on what to do. I had fun. She made me give her head, it was like the activity of a dominant and submissive. She rode me real nice, I came after a couple of minutes, impressive she felt of me, and the way she makes me get an immediate boner after that was amazing. I hope this is okay. If it’s to be posted, I’d like to stay anonymous. Thanks.

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