During my IT in abuja as an undergrad I was so hot headed feeling like I can 4k a hostel of girls in a row making Hus and hype of myself. D funny stuff is I knw I can last long in bed atleast 4 d second round cos of previous experiences I had. To cut everything short I had dis cute girl we were friends and evrytime I am singing my glories on sex she looks at me and just nod.

I Neva knew wat she had in mind one faithful morning me and my guy told our coliques including d dis gal DAT we are taking everyone to pool 4 free and she can bring her friends too and she said I will get u a gal to chill with i said bring it on gal, she brought me her cousin sister slim and cute. d day was a memorable one so d cousin said she liked me and I should come ova to dia house on saturday , I was happy kos d gal was cute on getting to d house it was empty I asked where are ur parents she said dey traveld to Spain. Onething led to anoda dis gal gave me head I was scared honestly cos I Neva had unprotected sex yet we moved to d first round she let me hit it from d back I was surprised I came within d first 2 mins afta 5 mins we went to 4 d second round missionary kos I said to myself wat d fuck if its infection its done already and I couldn’t get pass 5 mins I was like wats happening to me den d 3rd round actually I couldn’t even cum so I slept ova.

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In d morning I was hard again so had anoda I came and Dis gal took my downstairs rod me like a new horse I came BT I was weak like a paper she made me breakfast and no mercy she start to ride me like a rodeo my dick couldn’t stand anymore I was wasted I fell off I was just drinking water like I came out of d wild west den i added dis short advice to my diary “Neva underestimate a raw pussy” kos it almost killed me

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