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She said “Uncle, I saw your Erect Penis Today.”


This happened when I was doing my teaching practice… Ohhh sorry my name is Wale(not real name) I’m a student of university of Lagos and I’m in my early twenties, I was posted for my teaching practice in one public secondary school and I was happy because I will at last be out of the lecture room and go into the world and experience new things.

Early Monday morning I went to my school and I saw teachers and students neatly dressed and I was introduced to my cooperating teacher and she introduced me to the student
Fast forward the day ran out and second day to my new experience. During the break time I observed some female student who look sexy with their short skirt but it is not allowed to even move towards them or have affair with them… But I noticed one staring at me and she’s beautiful.

I saw the size of her large boobs and I can’t help myself with this babe…after school I received a letter from a junior school student and I saw a number in it. Call me with the number. I added the number on WhatsApp and I saw the girl’s picture…I messaged her with Hi and she replied with “Uncle I saw ur erected penis today”
I wanted to block her but the bitch in me won’t let me….I said “this is not allowed”.

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Forwarding time….she said she’ll like to knw where I’m staying and I knw this means we are going to fuck ourselves. I gave her my address and number… One Saturday I was watching a football match when my phone Rang but the noise won’t let me hear her well
I knw I’m well stocked for the day…i went in and she sat on my mattress bcos there is no chair in d room,anxious and wanting to go down immediately but I was trying to caution myself.

I saw a text and she said “uncle I’m in front of ur house…I rushed down and on getting there I saw this babe in a mini skirt and small bag with the shirt exposing her boobs. She said uncle I need ur help with some advice cos my boyfriend just broke up with me…I was happy deep inside and I moved closer wanting to console her. I started giving her some advice and with time my head was on her Laps and my hands were running her thighs…..she started moaning and she kissed me.

I started putting my hands Into her skirt and started .moving my hands on the clitoris and she was screaming uncle fuck me please I can’t do without dick….
After a very long kiss…I pushed my hands inside her boobs and I felt this soft work boobs calling me to suck them….she started moaning and asked me to please go down on her but I don’t want to. But no I don’t want to….I started eating her raw and she was screaming my name………. She did the same thing and we relaxed.

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Up NEPA my neighbor screamed….and one of my neighbor came knocking that she wants to watch a .movie… I ignored the call and we continued. I went down on her and started thrusting my low pace which I increased with time…. I cummed and she did too
Her phone Rang and she said she wants to start moving… I saw her off and went back to watch my movie.


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