My latest hoe story happened a couple of months ago on my ship. There’s this senior officer of mine (Chief Mate) 5 7” 36DD British with an ass to kill for. Right from the first day I joined the ship, she’s been putting up a kind of face like how boss ladies behave.

Anyway I got on with my job and every other person on the ship. Sometimes she would break protocol to assign duties to me, which I didn’t mind so long I could get close to that ass. Life on the ship is hard!

Many times when I’m not on shift, I masturbate thinking about her.

Fast forward some weeks later. I was lucky to be in the gym with her and we got talking. I found out she’s a jovial, lovable person, always paying attention to details (I can tell from the way she sucked my dick). Back to the story, we both helped ourselves workout that day and then became friends.

A few nights after, we met in the dining room, we got talking and after eating, we played strip poker to pass the time before reporting for shift duties. I lost a few rounds more than her so I was already in my boxers only while she still had her underwear and trouser on. When I dropped down my trouser, she became fixated on my Dick and I asked her if she liked what she saw. She didn’t bother to reply, she just went down and started sucking like her life depended on it. British girls are wild anyway and give good head.

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We were lucky we were the only ones in the dining room that night. I have no idea where the chief cook or other stewards went, anyway that ain’t our problem.

This babe really knew how to suck dick! The way she went at it, I’m sure she’ll give professional pornstars a run for their money. After priming the D, she asked me to eat her pussy but I didn’t, instead I bend her over and fuck her doggy style right there. This babe was experienced! The way she’d jiggle and whine that ass, damn!

I didn’t use a condom so when I was about to cum, I wanted to pull out but she pulled me back and said,


“I’m in my safe period and I brought my pills.”

That was enough motivation for me and I went at it like no man’s business.

Thank God we finished and dressed up only minutes before the Captain entered the dining room. I’m sure if he had a proper nose he would’ve perceived the sex smell in the room. But that’s not my business.

That was the first of many to come. From quickie to spending shift breaks together, there was no safe compartment in the ship where we didn’t fuck. She turned a somewhat boring life to fun.

I had to reduce the frequency of our fuck sessions when the chief engineer started complaining about my work performance.

I still have her contact and I’m planning to hook up with her when I go for my certification course in UK.


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