Slim And Sexy Dark Girls


It was the beginning of my final year in school, my friend called me to tell me that he had a female friend staying not too far from my house and asked if I could help him take her out because she said she was bored and he wasn’t around. He sent me her number, I called her up and arranged for her to meet up with some friends and I at a pub the next day. She walked in and I saw this tall, slim and sexy dark girl. Can’t lie, I was really impressed. We exchanged pleasantries and we got talking, tipsy and we had fun. I told her that I wasn’t into tall slim girls like her and I preferred girls with  very big asses, and I guess that got to her. She invited me to her house that same night, that she had some kush she had kept and now she was found someone to smoke it with. I went wit her after leaving the club, and there was no kush because she pretended to check a couple of bags without actually finding it. She insisted I stay the night since it was late already, and suggested I had my bath before I slept. In the middle of the shower, she came into the bathroom and went straight for my dick. She stroked my dick for a little bit before shoving it down her throat. We fucked from the bathroom, to the kitchen and the bedroom. We both enjoyed it so much and refused to tell my friend. I told him after a year though.

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