Some For Her Friend Too


Here goes my hoe story, I usually visit my gf monthly, who stays in a 3 bedroom flat with her other two flat mates. So this faithful month I wanted to surprise her by visiting her without telling her. Omo throughout the journey it rained like mad, got to her place only to find out she wasnt around and had went to greet her parents (me that I have been thinking of the knacks to give her overnight to kill the cold). So I was left in the flat with her very sexy flatmate, who had a very nice round nyash but not so well endowed boobs.

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For the first time we got talking and all, she made food and we drank the red wine I brought down. She set the mood when she lit candles up, omo before I know knacks have started. Giving it to her from the back with her pussy dripping juice and me smacking her ass, as she moaned loudly. I was afraid someone would hear. Eventually my dick make her lose all sanity and she begged me take off the condom, Omo like 10 strokes I pour nut inside. Luckily, next day she took pills. Early the next morning my gf came around, I gave it to her too that morning, she too moaned so loud her flatmate could hear… I guess the flatmate was reminded of d knacks because still disturbing me for some more till today… 😈

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