How I spent my spring break having bad sex that led to pregnancy


Four weeks ago, a friend of mine came to Texas from Virginia to visit her boyfriend. Before she came, she had already informed me she was coming but I didn’t really pay attention because I had finer girls I was still trying to get to come and chill with me. I went on with my daily life, looking for a girl to fuck on POF and Tinder, but there was no free pussy that very day. I ended up paying $60 to fuck some girl I met on POF. She was really cute and I wondered why she was selling her pussy, but I didn’t really care. I just really wanted to fuck and split. After a couple of days, my friend told me that she was in Dallas, and keep in mind that I had always wanted to fuck her but she was too far away. I wasn’t too keen about flying her to my city to fuck because she is not my time. She’s thick and sexy but I like skinny girls. When she told me she would be leaving in a few days, I bluntly said, “So you would come to my city and won’t let me give you head.” It was though something sparked inside of her, she asked for my address immediately. Good thing we was 15 minutes away, she came over but brought her luggage with her. I was scared for a minute but she then asked if she could stay till Friday because that’s when her flight is. I gladly accepted because it means I would get to fuck her. I made her feel at home and she decided to cook me a meal, which I ended up not liking. So we decided to cook something together, before the food was ready.. I started touching her, feeling her body, kissing her neck and she was really into it. We had dinner, she requested I play the Migos new album because she was into it. We moved to the room with foreplay, I got so into it that I forgot to use a condom. Due to the fact that we are both freaks, the foreplay was amazing.

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I sucked on her nipples while playing with her clit at the same time. The time came for me to my dick inside her pussy but the problem was finding her hole. Her vagina was so hidden with her fat ass and thighs that I couldn’t get easy access. I started to get scared because I knew I was fucking up. My dick kept falling out every other minutes of hard pounding and she was getting dried up because I wasn’t satisfying her. I wanted to cry because I boasted about the fact that I would make her pass out in bed. Suddenly, she gave me some bullshit reason about her friend who needs her to come over quickly because she’s heartbroken.  I knew it was a lie, she wanted to leave because of my poor performance but I wasn’t having it. I kept apologizing and she kept insisting that it wasn’t the sex but she still had to leave. It was 11pm and even though her friend wasn’t picking up her calls, she still left. She packed her bags and left. I was really sad, not because she left but because of my reputation because normally, I am the type to make a girl pass out. But this was a total embarrassment to me, and I know I fucked up big time. Luckily, she called me and asked if she could come back… I had already had “Agbo Jedi” to drink, my brother got it for me from Nigeria, so it was a do or die shit that night she came back. I opened the door and she went to take a shower immediately. By the time she came back to the room, I was naked already. She had this weird smile on her face but I didn’t care, I was ready to die on the line.


We started again but this time around with the doggy style, she started running away, she couldn’t take my dick without trying to lay flat but it didn’t matter to me at all because I was ready to pound that pussy till it got sore. I kept fucking her, and I came inside of her. The pussy was too good to pull out and I wanted her to know the real me. I could still have done better but I was satisfied because she came at least, before I did also. She decided to stay with me before she had to leave, and we kept fucking. But two weeks ago, she told me she missed her period and claimed that I was the only she fucked that her boyfriend was acting up and she didn’t give him pussy. We started looking for solution but right now, I am potential baby daddy.

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