Steamy Sweaty Hotel Bathroom


So I had this girlfriend about two years ago. She was in a different university. Back then I was being all loyal and stuff so I didn’t fuck any other shawty cause I really liked her. We had never had sex together before, so the konji levels we’re off the roof. That day we decided to see each other later so I went up to unilag to see her. We watched a night movie and I asked if we could go clubbing. She rejected and I was annoyed cause I knew that would have put us in the mood but she told me she was going back to her hostel instead.

Anyways I decided to still go and one of my guys went along with me. We met up with our other guys and one girl that I knew had a massive crush on me but due to my “Mr Faithfulness”. I had ignored her up until this point but the konji levels we’re off the charts, you cannot blame me. We got talking, danced, drank and smoked weed, we were high as fuck. Horny as fuck too. I kept looking at her behind and she caught me a couple of times and smiled invitingly, made my dick jump.

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We all went back to the hotel room because she couldn’t go back home. The room was originally occupied by just me and my guy but because it was pretty late, the three of us had to share. My guy was interested in her so I chilled in the bathroom and also decided to have a bath so they had privacy. Three minutes later she came in the bathroom and pulled off her clothes to join me in the shower. It was hot and steamy with anticipation. After a bit of hard kissing foreplay we got out of the shower. But before I could towel off, she was on her knees and may I say that her head game was mind blowing🤤 Before I knew, it I was sat on the toilet seat and she was hopping the shit out me. We had no time for a condom. I turned her around and fucked her. God she was fucking tight mehn. We went four rounds in that bathroom. Hit it in the morning again. Bathroom has been the way since😬

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