TAG! My Turn to Smash


One evening I was at home and bored, I tried calling some girls to come over. They were all giving excuses; some said they traveled, others, their numbers were not going through, I just gave up. A few minutes later I got a call for my guy that he was coming over to my house with a babe for the night. He came with this girl, she’s not bad, small boobs but this very fresh and massive ass, at least I go hear sound track die this night.

We played FIFA, ate and gisted for about 5 minutes, before this nigga took the girl inside and started smashing her. I wanted to die, she was loud, I had to increase the sound of the music I was playing in the sitting room. I got tried of hearing, seeing as I wasn’t going to participate, and decided to crash in the other room.

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Deep down I was hearing my guy calling me, I opened my eyes and it was actually him. I thought he was calling me for condoms but lo and behold he told me the babe was calling me to join them. I thought the guy was playing because he jokes with everything, I entered the room and joined in the communion.

We fucked like 3 rounds each, my guy was tired and decided to sleep. I took over and started smashing  this babe from 12am to 6am non-stop. We fucked in every style and position we knew till we were exhausted!

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