THE EXCHANGE (Episode 2)


I made Tunji leave and saw him to the gate, I could see the mischievous looks on my brothers’ faces as we were leaving. Tunji asked if I read the letter he sent to me, as that was one of his reasons for coming to see me. I told him I had forgotten and I would read it later that evening. He promised to come see me the next day, I begged him to come to the Salon and not our house. When I got back in, my dad was waiting in the sitting room. “Who’s that boy?” He asked. I didn’t have any answer but my mum quickly responded that he’s her friend’s nephew. My dad nodded and said “I like his confidence”.

This boy must have two heads, I thought to myself. As the only girl; I was my dad’s most precious gem and he had made his position known that he did not want to see any boy in that house till I was done with my vocational training and had set up in my own Salon. That night, my mum asked if anything was going on between me and Tunji and I told her we were just friends. She smiled and went back to the kitchen. I waited for everyone to sleep and I went for the letter. It was still where I had kept it, I opened it and it was my very first love letter…

Somewhere in my room,

A night before I depart,


XX XXX, 1978.

Dear Toun,

Top of the day to you my ravishingly beautiful friend. I believe you are having a wonderful day, if so, doxology.

Just in case this is coming to you as a surprise, the past weeks have been the best of my life. I never thought I would meet a girl that would blow my mind and knock me off my feet. Right from the first day I saw you, I knew I was hooked. I have tried to get you out of my head but just couldn’t.

It’s as if it was predestined and written in the stars. Anytime I set my eyes on you I can’t explain the things I feel in my heart. It’s as if someone is filling my brain with symphonies of a wonderfully composed music; that makes my mind fly high into the splendor and grandeur of celestial places.

I love this feeling and I never want it to stop. Trust me; this must have been what Romeo felt. Only something this divine would make a man want to end his own life just to protect and preserve the feeling.

However, not even Shakespeare could have captured what I feel; ink, pen and paper would not do justice to it. It may look like I am perambulating but I just want to do my best to express this feeling. I want you to be my girl.
It can’t be wrong when it feels so right. Cause you, you light up my life. I know it sounds like I stole the lines from “Kasey Cisyk,” but girl, you truly light up my life.

Even my aunt knows that we will be great together. I am not just looking to pass the time, which is why I waited till I was leaving for school. I want something deep and meaningful.  I want you for keeps.

What sayest thou?
Post Scriptum: I would have told you this in person but I wouldn’t be this composed in front of you, so I chose to write you this letter.

Forever in Love,

Tunji Abioye.

I must have read the letter like 5 times (I kept it for many years, many, many years) there were some words in it that I didn’t really know the meaning but I got the idea and I knew what Tunji was trying to say. Butterflies played ping pong in my belly all through the night. It was as if the letter woke some feelings up in me as well. I liked Tunji too, he was handsome and his spoken English…. Wow!


Go and check if your water is boiling. Or if the food is ready. 😂 Join Us in the Episode 3 Tomorrow. 😅

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