THE EXCHANGE (Episode 5)


It was at the restaurant that, the would-be best man started to talk to me. He told me his name …Babatunde, but said everyone called him Baba T. He seemed like a nice guy but I could sense some form of arrogance in him. He said we needed to be friends to make the wedding beautiful; he was funny and made us laugh a lot. I got to know, as we talked, that Baba T’s parents were even richer than Laide’s parents-in-law.

The amount of money they (Bola and Baba T) were discussing scared me…they talked about how they wanted to take their parents’ business to the next level and make it even bigger. They had both studied in the United Kingdom and returned to work in the family business.

After lunch, it was time to go back to where I came from. Bola was going to drop me off at the motor park but his cousin volunteered to…he said it was on his way and he also wanted to get to know me. He didn’t say much on our way; he was just being funny and explained what I needed to do at the wedding because there was a surprise for the couple that we had to take care of, without creating any suspicion. He gave me some money at the park and said he was sorry he couldn’t take me to Abeokuta. I told him he didn’t have to; he insisted, so I took it, thanked him and got in the bus. It was after he left that I realized how much he gave me. I had forgotten I was in the bus as I screamed…I apologized to the people beside me and kept my cool for the rest of the trip. I had never been given that much money by anyone in my life…I wanted to tell Tunji but was afraid he could be intimidated or feel like something was going on and I didn’t want to start something where there’s nothing.

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I told my mum everything that happened in Lagos and showed her the money…she paused for a while and later told me to be careful. Let me just say that the money was enough to buy an adjustable salon hair dryer I had been saving toward. I had to tell Tunji that my cousin gave me some money and I added to what I had saved to get the dryer.

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