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The Gift ASUU STRIKE gave me.


​So here’s my hoe story, was in my first year at uni. i decided not to stay in school hostel cos it waz overcrowded, so i joined 3 other guys and we got a 2room apartment off k. Well set. So d day i ws moving in, i saw d fine set babe as i was entering the house we just waved and that was all. As time went bye now, she also lives in d house alone, she was a diploma student then. Fast forward sha she seem to like me more than the other guys though was hardly around ( Engineering student, Pursuing GP 😎).  So wen am around i keep her company and ds babe can cook anything men. i always look forward to have her meals but i dnt eat alone oh, she cooks for every one and me sef i like to cook cos i dont eat out so we blend well n even go to market together.

My guys been trying to slay this girl but nah she no gree anybody even some working class guys living in the house. But me i ws just enjoying the attention hoping one day table go set. So ASUU decided to strike i dint go home so i was so free. One fine morning o i just went to assist her in cooking, making okro soup.i was slicing the onions as we gisted, next thing i hear ” have u ever thought of f#ck!ng me” my ears were like ehn?

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Though many times we’ve been cozy n stuff. i just laffed and said oh yea sure n she responded not now o “no com put pepper for my y@nsh” so we thought it to be later wen she comes back from lecture.

i went into school just to hang with my friends my phone rang. Calling my name said where are you am back oh, told her an coming. Me that my mind body and soul had been preparing.

Got to her room met her sweeping.she finished n went for a shower. Came out in a boxer i once gave her. For my mind table don set.we got cozy n she asked for a massage, thats my calling😉. Gave a her sweet massage making sure to reach every part. She got a great body. Mr D ws already attention n i made sure she felt it. I str!p her and she str!pped me. Next she whispered in my ear, take me from behind oshe mama. i gave d the D from back left right center, she kept m0@ning calling my last name. We got really wild n showerd ate n i left. That night there was a heavy downpour. 5am i ws in her room went all morning.

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As i was leaving her room that morning it was one awkward moment as i jam the two working guys jst walk past.i just bone enter my room.we f#ck3d till i graduated cos she got degree friends envy me cos they dint get many places inside campus me n her f#ck3d from basketball court to mountain side. Endless tales…

keep me anon pls.





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