So one day, my mom invites me for some business camp, I don’t wanna go but she insists I should for my own financial benefit. At the camp, there are almost only 30+ year olds. I’m looking for my peers to hung with. Then suddenly, I see this hot babe,aged around 26..I want her, my dick wants to marry her thick ass😂. Anyway she seemed like she was looking for her peers too, I was younger than her, so I was afraid to approach her. Later on, she came to me and started a conversation, she was fun. We even exchanged numbers. Now during the second night of camping, I slept in the car, I couldn’t handle sharing a tent with 3 35+ year olds snoring like they were paid to. In the car, I checked my WhatsApp, I found her online, so I asked her why she was up and she says “I can’t handle sharing a tent with these ladies any more, they won’t stop snoring” I laughed and told her about my similar story. Then I got the idea, I think she had it already, coz when I asked her what she was gonna do, she replied “you want me to come sleep in your car too?”. My heart raced, but I kept calm and told her that’d be cool. I went and picked her, then we came to the car. She took the passenger seat and I stayed in the driver’s. Meanwhile, I was already too horny, her night dress was so light and short and with her big ass, even a paper would go hard looking at her in that dress. We had only one huge blanket, so we were both under it. Then I tell her we should play some truth or dare since we have no sleep. She agreed, I started off with silly questions and dares like “how old are you? “, “I dare you to sing any Beyonce hook that you know” ..until she asked the first sexual question “have you ever eaten pussy?”.

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My dick went thrice harder at hearing her sexy voice ask, my mind was thinking about eating her pussy. I had never eaten one before but of course I said I had. Then she picked dare…I badly wanted her hands (which I had already found sexy after a handshake) on my hard dick, so without thinking much, I dared her to reach for my dick with her hand. The look on her face was so hard to decipher, so hard that I regretted daring her that. But suddenly, she smiled and before I knew it, one of the sexy hands were on my dick. Damn, it felt so good that I let out a few groans. Then she pulled off the blanket and gave me the best head I have ever had. I cum on her face. Got some tissue, wiped it off, and then it was my turn to show what I had. We went to the back seat, I was nervous, but I hid it. So kissed her, kissed her neck, and her nipples, while fingering her. In my head, I prayed what I was about to do would blow her mind since I had never done it before.I got down between her legs, thankfully, I turned out to be a natural. Boy I ate that lil sweet wet pizza like I was born for it. She moaned so loud that I was afraid the other campers would wake up. But I liked the moans, so I ate harder, while fingering ..then she gushed out, It splashed all over my face that I nearly drowned. She was breathing hard now. My dick was already hard again, so when she asked me to fuck her, I wasted no time. I had no protection but for once, I didn’t care. I went all in.

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Now I exaggerate not, this babe’s inside was sweeter than anything I had ever tasted before. I hit it from all angles, she went on top, rode it like a cow girl, then she lay on her tummy, i smacked starring at that hot brown ass, boy I wanted this moment to go on forever. I didn’t wanna cum. She squirt once more..I kept going ,until my time came, I pulled it out and fixed it in her open mouth, she sucked hard that when I came, i wasn’t sure if it was nut coming out of me or my soul. But her mouth was soiled with my seed. We didn’t even bother doing anything more, we just pulled the blanket and coiled under it.
The next day shocked me though. I was with my mom, and we met her with her own mom. Turns out our parents are cousins. So I had fucked with a relative. I had no regrets though .till now. But we promised never to talk about that magical night, nevertheless, i know both of us would give anything to fuck each other just one more time.

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