The Joys of Making a Girl Squirt. 


So this babe came through yesterday. Mad a$$ titti3s, average a$$, pretty as fv¢k, light skinned and soft bodied. Just the way I like it. I had already given up hope on her coming to see me again that day. She texted me that she might have to postpone the visit. So I was chilling with my guys in my place na, while we smoked up I was busy lamenting about how the babe escape my D today. Guys dey laugh me.

Sha sha we heard a knock on the door. Someone Went to check and came back to say it was the babe sha. Omo I was sooooo happy. I just told them to say i was in the bathroom. Went inside to take my bath sha. I took my time in there and by the time I came out, all the guys had left ( with my kush, sadly). The babe was nowhere to be found sha. I called her name and she answered that she was in the kitchen. I told her I was going to dress up sha. That she should make herself comfortable.
Fast forward to the bedroom I was still drying my body when she just walked in the room and threw her p@nti3s on the bed. Ọmọ i just drop towel sharp sharp. She drew closer and we kissed while she stroked my d!¢k. And me i was playing with the twins. Foreplay game is 🔥. For like 10 minutes sha because she doesn’t get wet quickly.

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This babe isn’t my girlfriend o, she’s a low-key hoe who’s​ crushing on me sha, but me I dey kn@ck on a regular. She texted me that I haven’t kissed her in dayyyyyyyys ( LOL, just over one week o)
Sha sha. I tried to f!ng3r her to see if her airport is ready for my landing and she just pushed my hand away, balanced one leg on a stool and chook d!¢k. Christ! it was soooo warm and tight. I had to stroke small small for a while because I didn’t want to hurt her.  But the babe whispered in my ear and said can’t I go faster?
Osheeeyyy. This one means business today. She came to fv¢k not make love.
I told her to get in do99y position and I gave her the fv¢k!ng she was looking for. Na so the Arizona kick in.
Beast mode knacks. Shebi you want to fv¢k??
We fv¢ked from do99y to missionary to cowgirl (dammmnnn she can ride the life out of a man, i had to stop her because the night had just started, cvmm!ng was not an option). She said she was thirsty, so she went to the fridge to get water. After like two minutes I followed her. Made her lie on the arm of the sofa. New sofa o😂😂😂 and fv¢k3d and fv¢k3d and fv¢k3d till i came inside her. She usually used to complain that I take too long , but this time I saw that she was disappointed. But Daddy to down there didn’t take up to two minutes to stand again. I was happy because second round is usually mad. She gave me mad head like that( better than my girlfriend). While i was still closing eye and enjoying head she just switched it up. Started riding the D on the sofa, t!ts dancing gloriously on my face. I displayed my tongue proficiency on her n!pples.
Then she fv¢k3d up. She sqv!rted all over the sofa. And the GF is coming through today. And she get dog nose. She’ll keep asking why my so-called new sofa smells like pussy juice.
PS: Yesterday was my first time making a girl sqv!rt with just d!¢k. I was so proud low-key, but my sofa!!!😖😖


Sha sha by the time we were done, it was like 2am, I gats go sleep because of work today. If it was a weekend Ehn i for kn@ck her with hoely anger over night.





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