So one time I went to the club with some of my friends, they all had their boos with them so everyone was paired, well except me.
I didn’t feel bad at all because I was actually out to have fun that day, you know go beyond my comfort zone. So we were all dancing and drinking, when all of a sudden my eyes God locked with those of a very handsome young man in the distance and he was all alone. That was definitely love at first sight, well a hoe’s love tho.

My legs immediately went numb and I all of a sudden didn’t know how to dance anymore. He threw a smile and I did the same. Then all of a sudden, he signals the bartender and tells him something. Next thing I see bottles of champagne coming to our table. All my friends were surprised and so were their boyfriends. OK fast-forward to when the guy was now on our table, giving me glasses and glasses of tequila. I got so drunk that day that I became his personal stripper. We did things that day that I never knew I was capable of but being a gentleman, he tamed me.


After the party, I was literally begging to go home with him and I did😊. That day was the best day of my life, he was so subtle and slow. His every touch showed so much care. He wasn’t in a hurry to penetrate. He wanted to explore all aspects of my body first, he did things that I never knew could be done to a woman. And When we eventually had sex…. Oh my….. I went beyond cloud nine. He wasn’t rough, he was slow and soft but I don’t know how he did it. He has me squirting like a running tap, over and over again. We went on for longer than an hour at different points of the house, the shower, the couch. The next morning, I sincerely didn’t want to go home, but I had to.
Let’s just say, I had a wonderful Hoe Christmas.

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