The Best Sex I Have Ever Had


I had this friend, she was cute and thick. I was always crushing on her big ass in secret, every time I saw her. She had a boyfriend and when they broke up, being a good friend and all, I tried to cheer her up but it didn’t work. I told her she needed a distraction so as to get her mind off him and she agreed. I suggested to be that distraction and then we set a date. As a good friend, I went over to her place. She looked absolutely gorgeous as usual and her ass was just calling out to me. I responded to that call and not long after, we were kissing and fondling with each other. Her boobs were so big and beautiful and the feel of her ass on my palms was a lot better than I imagined. She went down on me and gave me the best head I have ever gotten till date. I fingered her till she came. I was so turned on and hard that I didn’t even remember to put the condom on, I went in raw and it was gracious. We fucked for 15 minutes and I came. We got up, ate and went for round two. She gave me that bomb head again and we fucked for 30 minutes this time, and I came. We were both exhausted and we slept off. When I woke up, her ass was calling out to me again and I just couldn’t wait. I took her, raised her up a bit and put a pillow underneath her, and fucked her from behind till I came. After that, we both showered and I left. Still the best sex I have ever had.

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