I Think I Dicked a Witch

Well well
This is happened few days ago. Its convo time here in Ilorin so lotta girls around. We met at GQ I just went there to chill for the night. Girl was hot, nice body and at first I had no intention to even smash. So I walked up to her and I offered to buy her drinks but instead mama asked what is my poison.

Fast forward to later around 3am babe asked did I come with a ride so we could leave the place and go to my place, in my mind I was like that was too fast. I knew what she wanted. Well I took my friend car keys and we left for my place. Her head game was the best, I’ve never experienced anything like it. Me, I love giving head it’s my hobby but only to fair girls.

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We had sex…sorry we fucked till her pussy was dry and she couldn’t take no more. She didn’t drop her number and have not seen her since then, which got me thinking what if she was a witch?
Idc the pussy was worth it. 😂


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