Three Of My Babes Friends – Including My Babe – Fucked Me In One Night


I went clubbing with a few friends and we were drunk out of our minds. This partly had to do with the fact that we did a lot of pre-drinking at home so coupled with the drinks we got at the club, we were really drunk. After the club, we all decided to go back to my apartment. After a while of relaxing and chilling, everyone started heading back to their houses. A few minutes passed by and my girlfriend’s best friend texted me to inform me she forgot something at my place and she’ll be over in a few. She got to my place, we were chilling and one thing led to another and we fucked. The sex was alright but it could have been better. In the morning, I had lectures, so on my way to school some really cute girl on Instagram slid into my DMs. We got talking and I got to know that she stays in my city but attends the same university as my girl does.  I asked her to meet up with me the following day and believe me when I say that I had no ulterior movies. The next day, which was a Saturday, rolled around and I was horny as fuck. I really needed to bust a nut. So I hit up my girlfriend, but she was busy. I hit up my side chick, but she was busy also. When cute Instagram girl came over, I started to feel up on her boobs, her ass, grazed her thighs. Initially, she refused but I noticed she started to give in my touches. I ended up saying that we should watch a movie but before we got to the intermission, she took off her pants, grabbed my hand and made me play with her pussy. Best believe we fucked. As we finished, my girlfriend texted me that she was coming over, I had to give some sort of excuse for the girl leave my place. My girl came over and we fucked for three rounds before she went home. But that wasn’t the end of it, I went to my side chicks house to eat and she fucked me silly. Let’s just say I didn’t wake up till 4pm on Sunday after the Saturday I had.  Anyways, all the four girls are friends and hate my guts now. But YOLO.

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