There is this babe in my school when we were in 100l she was dating my friend and she told my friend she is crushing on me and she would love to fuck me. My friend was just speechless but he told his roommate who later told me sha. Few weeks later , my friend started going out with another girl but the previous babe don love up so she called me to help her beg the guy. I begged my friend but he told her to give him something. Later that day she told me she wants to cook that I should follow her to the market. I told her I’m quite down so she should come down to my hostel so I can call my Bikeman from there and we can go together.

She came and few of my friends were around. It was one of them that told me she wasn’t wearing pant. I sharply look the place to confirm. We sha gist and later I called Bikeman. She bought vegetables and all sorts. I dropped her off at her hostel but she told me to come back in the evening so I can eat cus she went to the market because of me. I told her in the morning I would like to eat swallow. Later in the evening, I got there she was wearing bumper shorts and a see through crop top. I acted like a gentle boy, she served me and I ate the food. Her landlady has a rule, a guy is not allowed to sleep overnight in the hostel till now self cus my current gf stays there. Back to the matter, she delayed with her boyfriends talk till I couldn’t go home again which was my plan all along but she found a way to deceive the woman.

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In the midnight it started raining cus it was sometime around May and it was heavy. She brought a blanket, she offered it to me and she wanted to use all ankara as wrapper. I insisted on us sharing the blanket that I’m not a visitor. Around 3 am, I couldn’t sleep cus she was backing me and her ass was touching my zaddy. I “mistakenly” touched her breast buh she took my hand away. I repeated the mistake like 3 time before I was finally corrected. She then allowed me to put my hand on it and I started foaming in hard that she was moaning loud. While I was doing this. My right hand was unzipping her shorts, after I unzipped it. I pulled it down a bit and i started using my daddy to rub her ass and pussy from behind. She then inserted the disc into her DVD. I didn’t know she was on her period and I had no condom. She told to please fuck her that nothing will happen to me.

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We fucked for like 20 mins and I came but something happen when she wanted to cum she asked me if I was going to be her boyfriend that she really likes me. I said capital “NO”. Na so she look my face and she asked why, I told her why can’t she tell me she was on before we started the play. O boy I left there that morning around 6 30 am inside the rain. We still fucked once or twice after that and I still plan to fuck her soon. 🙏

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