Trapped With A Kiss


My ex-girlfriend and I had been dating for almost a year but we hadn’t even kissed or made out. She was a level below me and she is a hot and fine Yoruba girl. Anyways, we went on vacation for the session and on the day or resumption, she came to school to see me because she wasn’t ready to resume fully. She had every intention on going back that day, but as soon as she saw me, she grabbed me the kissed me so deeply and passionately. I can never forget the way she kissed me. She literally dragged me to a corner, pressed her soft and curvy body against mine, and kissed me like there was no tomorrow. It was heavenly.  We ended up spending time together till evening and then she mentioned that she would be spending the night at her cousins house and invited me over. I laughed but accepted the invite because I knew nothing was going to happen as usual. Nighttime rolled around, we laid on the same mattress in the living room of her cousin’s apartment and i really don’t know what came over us, we had a very intense make out session and it was mind-blowing. We had other moments of kisses filled with bliss after that day, and I loved them so much. We broke up a year later due to distance and other factor, but I am definitely going to marry her because every night would be lit.

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