Ok so I broke up with my ex about a year ago and replaced her almost immediately. My new babe is everything so I’ve been keeping up with the l faithfulness thingy until last month. My ex been texting me more telling me how much she misses me and wont be able to find anyone like me ever again, tbh she’s been doing a whole lot to get me back but i can’t take her back rii. Last week i got back from school cause of the ASUU strike without telling anyone and rested a bit. Buzzed the girlfriend on Monday if she wanted to hang but she was kinda and mad and so twas a no no, I’m looking for a backup now cause the house is getting kinda boring so i texted the ex and she’s like she’s got her cousin over so she can’t leave the house but she’d be pleased to have me over( before now i was meant to visit and i made it clear she won’t be touching me or anything and girl agreed).

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Fast forward to when i get to get house, I’m watching tv and her cousin is in her room. We catching up and all but then she’s like she needs to take a bath and I said cool. Only thing is 20 minutes later she’s pacing around in just her towel. By that time i was hard as hell😭😭. Still tryna act tough i tell her to go put on something but no, she dropped the towel and grabbed my dick. I was so outta control and in seconds I’m naked and ramming my dick into her cunt in her dad’s living room. Its like i forgot how much of a moaner she is, she rode my dick so hard screaming “i missed this dick baby”😂, she finally came down after cumming still leaving me hard with an evil grin.


I was chilling with my clothes back on and she’s with my phone, that’s when girlfriend’s message pops up on my screen, i sha noticed her mood changed and after a while of tryna cheer her up she took me to her room and started talking plenty, before I know what’s up my dick is deep in her pussy and I’m looking into her eyes. I felt so stupid but i couldn’t stop stroking. It felt just right, i kept fucking till she said she was cumming and she uped her dirty talking game telling me to cum in her. I pulled out asap and released on her stomach. Never been so lost. ☺


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