Biko i dont know if i’m a hoe, but i guess its arguable. So after the regular 9-5 hustle, myself and my beer buddy decided to do our regular thing that friday. Baba na married man, but i am very single and stay alone. Dude was sha disturbing my life while i was still on my way home from work to come meet him at the regular spot. When i got there i saw baba with a creamy chick, i was already imagining my tongue on her. Bros sha did the introduction, he met the babe on social media and that was the 1st time they would meet. I already noticed the babe liked my look. To cut the long story short, we started drinking. Me and baba can drink fire, we love buying our beer at pump price. We sha cancelled like 8 bottle each dat night, babe was entertained by our gist and how well we knew our beer. We sha left late, baba couldnt get hotel to lodge again, they decided to crash at my side. Babe was in d room,myself and my padi were gisting in the living room. Luckily for me baba slept off, i went in to check on the babe and she was naked under my duvet, the duvet wey i dey wash oo.

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Na so i use beer face touch the babe, she open eye smile then i knew that was an invitee. I sharply licked her well then gave her one. I knew baba so well, after drinking heavily he loves to sleep. Me and the babe met again the next day at my place when padi had gone home, and we have been doing this lowkey ever since then. I dont think i am a hoe, baba is married and i am single for reasons like this.

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