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We Read Our way to the Classroom Toilet


Met a girl early last year, so  fine, short and heavy, the ass was on point, the perfect size, i got her number from a friend, and we started talking. weeks later we started talking then started going to class at night together and I’d see her off back to her hostel. One night we decided to chill under a tree, it was there we started kissing and smooching. she was never stingy with the breast. It became our routine whenever we go to read. Few days later, blowjob got involved. She’s damn good mehn. Towards exam when we got to our usual class to read at night, it was already full, so we decided to move to another class. Luckily for us, there were just 3 people inside. Then Nepa took light, people started leaving until we were the only ones left. Then the -jobs began. we then noticed movements. we just went to the toilet. it was there I rammed her hard, without condom. it was so sweet, i was like “at last, mission accomplished” and she was like …it’s been a while she fucked.

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