Almost got caught in her friend’s p****y!


I ran into my babe’s friend at the mall and invited her over, offered her a drink and we watched a movie, things got a bit spicy and we began making out…
At this point, my phone began to ring and it was my girlfriend. I ignored the call but for some reason she kept calling, I had to switch off the phone.
We’d just begun fucking when I heard a knock on the gate! Peeped through the window and alas! It was my girlfriend! 😭
I began to sweat despite being under the AC. Couldn’t ignore her cause it was obvious I was in. I got to the gate and told my girlfriend I was heading out. She insisted on waiting for me at home😭 I was confused!
I successfully convinced her and we drove out to a restaurant to eat. I tried wasting so much time so she doesn’t bother returning to my house! But she insisted yet again.
Finally got a message from her friend saying, “your house key is by the fence underneath a stone”. What a relief it was. 😀
I got home with my girlfriend and my room was tidy and my bed well laid! 😂 How smart of her!

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