My hoe story goes thus:

I met her during the festive period. We exchanged contacts and pictures and got chatting. Invited her to my place on  January 3rd since I was sure I would be at home alone. Moreover,  I wanted to knack before I got back to school.

When she came, we entered my room straight. I offered her drinks and cookies. We chatted and our chat got intimate and romantic. We started kissing and I was pressing her breast. Took off her clothes, bit her nipples and sucked her breasts. I fucked her breasts too. B-cup size and soft.

She offered to suck my dick. She wasn’t too good cause she was using her teeth at times. I slid in my dick and she was still tight af. I smashed her and her moaning was lit. I filled her up within 2 minutes of knacking her, although my dick was still hard.

          I quickly turned her back and fucked her doggy. The doggy was mad. Her ass was banging. Her moaning got me crazy. We fucked doggy style till she squirted.

First time I got a girl to squirt. We still fucked till we got tired and she left. She messaged me later that the doggy was the best fuck she had ever received. Very pleasant. We still fucked one more time before I went back to school.

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