I banged her evil twin

Well, I met this girl at the movies. And apparently, her friends bailed on her at the last minute and she was alone. So, I approached her and we got talking, got her number at the end of the day and we began talking regularly.
One day, she invited me over and after a couple of dates, we started going out. Oh! And did I mention she has a twin? A very hot one at that. Hotter than herself, fortunately for me.
Coincidentally, one day, I came over. My girl wasn’t around, it was just her twin. One thing led to the other, the next thing we knew we were both on the bed and that was when her sister walked in on us. 😂😂
I was expecting her to be mad at me but to my surprise, she was mad at her sister. Well, of course, I kept hitting things off with the twin sister on a lowkey. She would catch us and I’d apologize so many times till she got fed up and asked me to choose.

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😂😂😂 I chose her twin sister.


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