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A Twitter user Damilola (@OmogeDami) accused Uche (@UcheDandyMUFC) of forcing her friend @B_Moree_ into having sex with him. We all know how serious rape cases are and how far cases relating to rape fly.

According to @OmogeDami, these were her tweets.

Uche denied forcing her and had to share his own side of the story with screenshots of his conversation with her.
These were his tweets:

At this point, the @B_Moree_ lady in question had to come out to share her own side of the story. She confirmed she wasn’t raped but was forced to have sex with him against her wish.
These were her tweets.

Now you be the judge. Was she really raped or forced to have sex with him? Was she pissed that the guy was busy with his laptop all through? Or was she rather angry that there was no connection between both of them even after several tries and penis collection? The ball is in your court!

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Anyways, here are few comments from Twitter NG. 😂


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