I met this girl 3 years ago through a friend. We got talking and chatting but we hadn’t seen each other. And so, we arranged a meeting at my place which due to some reasons, we had to reschedule.

I was not happy. Unfortunately, I lost my phone so I lost her number. But I was fortunate enough for she called me after like 3months since we last spoke, asking me if I didn’t like her and all that.

To cut the story short, we settled and she promised to come and even promised to kiss me when she came.

And the very next day she came to my house. Mahn, it was the best Thursday of 2015. I entertained her, we gisted and all that and then she said she had to be on her way. I said OK but ain’t you forgetting something, she said no and that I should remind her. I was taller than her so I went down small to land a soft kiss on her lips and going by d way she responded, it was obvious that she wanted it. So we kissed passionately for about 10mins or so before I reached for her blouse, squeezing her boobs through it. She started giving out some moans. Her moans and sounds of pleasure turned me on the more before I removed her blouse and unhooked her bra.

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I started sucking and softly touching her boobs (the boobs were just staring at me, standard like that of a 16 year old girl).

Then, she reached for my dick, stroking it through my trouser. She went down to unzip my trouser and that was the first and the best bj ever. She was so good at it, spitting on the dick, making it harder and more erect.

As I was standing, my legs were shaking. I had to lean on the wall and before I knew it, I was about to cum, so I stopped her. I said it was my turn.

I went down on her. I sucked. I flipped. I fucked her with my tongue until she screamed and I feared the neighbors would hear.

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After that, I started rubbing my dick on her clit before I pushed it in. Mahn, she was so tight and sweet. I started fucking her and we had 3 rounds: 2 on d bed, one in the bathroom. She was at my place all day. It was the best sex ever.

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