So this happened sometime after my final exams in the university.  Was about to go pick my parents up in Heathrow for my Graduation to take them to Bristol.

On getting to London in the evening, I went outside Paddington Station to smoke. Didn’t have a lighter, so I walked to a corner store to get one. There was a club I passed where two girls were struggling to roll up cigarettes. I offered them full normal cigarettes and they were worshipping me, I guess it must have been the booze they were on. Shaa one thing led to the other and I met A and B.

A was the attractive one,  the one I had my eyes on and needed so bad, B was the cock-blocky one.

            My hoe knew I had to get with B, the cock blocky one and pretend I was interested in her to get A. Moreover, B was the one with the apartment and she was the one who needed more booze cause A had already given me the Go Ahead (through Hoe Language) and she had a boyfriend.

So, we got in a cab, bought a bottle of Jack Daniels and a Bottle of Tesco Value Vodka and headed to B’s apartment. On getting there, I realised she needed the D, so I kept feeding her alcohol while me and A were secretly holding hands during the cab ride.


Shaa we got to B’s house. She said we should go up,  we did.  She got naked and I did too (B wasn’t that bad but she was a MILF) wanted to start knacks. Then, A came up crying and acting all upset telling B, “You’re supposed to take care of me when I’m drunk”,  blaa blaa.

I was like ehn, see this naked 21-year-old boy separating fight between a 28-year-old and a 30-year-old drunk women.

           During this brawl, A dragged me into the toilet in B’s apartment as naked as I was,  went on her knees and sucked me till I was stiff,  then lifted her skirt fucked me while I was sitting on the toilet (without protection) just until the time she knew I was about to cum, she went back on her knees and took it in her mouth. That’s the best sex I’ve ever had till date in my life.

We were done when she opened the door and all this time, we didn’t even notice B was at the door knocking and knocking cause we’d  turned on the shower. She gave B the middle finger and left her house.

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So, it was me and B left in the house. By this time, the sun was coming up and I’d  kept on apologizing,  trying to tell her nothing happened. I  convinced her that her friend tried to seduce me and I said no. I took her in the shower, washed all the tears from her eyes as she was already naked.

Then I started round 2 on her. I fucked her on the floor, on her bed, in her kitchen, in her son’s room everywhere. But, we ended up on the floor of her bedroom where she rode me slowly while gently going down, kissing me between my lips and my neck.  I was using my finger on her clit while she was riding,  she screamed so loudly.

This lasted about an hour and a half until I came, she was squirting so hard on me and begging me to cum. I did and when she fell asleep on her bed,  I went to the shower. Had a shower, left to get my parents. Never knew their names till today.

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