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Drilled her in the library


When I was in my final year in high school, I was dating this girl who was very fine and she liked guys alot (her nick name used to be dc, which meant dick lover😂😂😂)
So, she had this friend who was way finer than her, she was the complete package – big breast, big yansh and she was light skinned. Every time I saw her, I felt like ripping her clothes off and fucking her right there and then.
One day, I went to the library and I saw her, then we started talking. Funny enough, she was also checking me out. The next minute she unzipped my trousers and brought out my dick. I was hard as hell. Then she started giving me head and before I knew it, she’d removed her panties and climbed on top of my dick.
We fucked so hard that the next day we both couldn’t come to school.😂😂 My girlfriend was a hoe before so I just had to make us even.

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