My story goes thus:

So,one day I was bored af. Luckily for me, a babe added me on Snapchat. I got her details, she was a pepedem gang. But mans like me did not have time to beat around the bush. I asked for her WhatsApp number. We started talking. One thing led to another, we started talking sexual. I made her thirst for me even without seeing me. That’s how she started asking for when we would meet so she could see what I’m made of.

As a smart guy, I hit up my guys with apartment in unilag. And the next day we met at the apartment. It was as if we were going to die on the line. Think of anything possible, we did. But we’d gotten high first.

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After the whole sex, she begged me to put her in a Uber. Mama could not feel her legs 😂😂😂. Now she only hits me up to fuck when her boyfriend ain’t hitting her right.

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