I have A Hoe Story.

There’s this girl I met through my bestie(a girl), during our finals at the University last year at the cafeteria. My bestie introduced her to me. Later got to know her name was T.
Some days later, I started disturbing that my bestie to bring that her friend, will really need to know what’s fully on my mind😏 Some weeks later sha, she brought her friend home and we got talking sha.

Fast forward to the real deal. We used to have a party at our hostel then. We called it hall party. The party was on till it got to around 2am. Everyone there was rocking dance mood. They just had to switch off the light because people were not dancing.

That’s how we started kissing oo and pressing each other. I just signalled her to follow me to my room. As we entered my room, we started another round of kissing and pressing. Not wanting to waste time, I went down to her panties, shifted it to one side and fingered the hell out of her pussy (she was just screaming😂).

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I just made my next move to give her head for about thirty minutes before proceeding to fuck her. As I was about to bang her, her friend just came to my window and started calling her name. She didn’t even answer that one cause she was in paradise already.

Fast forward again, na so the girl come dey give cock and bull story, that it had been long since she had sex. I sha persuade am till she agree. She told me to bring condom (thinking I would not have one, iffa hear😉).

I just brought out the condom, inserted my dick in it and gave her the fuck of her life. She was just screaming like a mad person.

I noticed someone was peeping from upstairs so I just had to put down the curtain and playing music. Five rounds of sex no be small thing. The next morning I was so tired😫. This is my hoe story.


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